Architectural Feasibility Study

Every project comes with a list of wants and needs, and analyzing how your design dreams are impacted by site limitations, codes, zoning, and budget requires insight. Rueter Associates Architects explores our client’s goals and conducts thorough research to emerge with a plan that balances client needs with existing limitations. Our feasibility studies offer insight into the possibilities as we help our clients plan for their upcoming project.

Architectural Feasibility Study Features

We explore multiple elements during the architectural feasibility study phase of design, including:

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    Client needs

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    Existing conditions of site and structure

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    Codes and zoning laws that impact the site and structure

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    Programming needs of the facility

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    And more

Once we have explored the feasibility of a project, we work with our clients to adapt a general plan for design. Our architectural feasibility studies ensure that the promoted design is workable within existing conditions and budgets, and that the project is on track for successful completion.

Capital Funding Campaigns

For some projects, a capital funding campaign may be a part of the process. In these cases, we provide the materials and renderings necessary for the capital funding drive, equipping our clients with the resources they need to mobilize support.

Your project is important, and ensuring everything is in place to deliver a workable end design is integral to the success of your plans. Rueter Associates Architects works diligently to ensure our projects meet all the necessary requirements and needs of our clients before a plan is drawn.

Set the right foundation for your project with a well-conducted architectural feasibility study. Contact Rueter Associates Architects today to explore your possibilities.

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