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There is increasing emphasis on sustainability from a national, state, and local perspective, as our world more thoughtfully considers a green future. It is beneficial and often necessary to incorporate green design into every building plan, from site conditions to building performance. These green energy designs reduce energy costs down the road, ensure compliance with local environmental codes, and secure a healthier future for residents and communities alike. Rueter Associates Architects is committed to working with our clients and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specialists to ensure our building designs comply and exceed local regulations while offering optimal energy efficiency and sustainability. Our firm has completed everything from green energy updates to historic homes to fully realized net zero buildings.

What is LEED Certified Design?

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the green building rating system used all over the world to promote and measure sustainability. The rating system takes into account energy and water use, indoor environmental quality, material selection, and the building’s effects on the site. LEED considers multiple factors in design and concept, including:

  • Site conditions: Proximity to necessary amenities and public transportation; walkability ratings, retention of natural features, storm water collection, and environmentally sustainable landscape designs.

  • Building performance: Reduction in internal energy use, use of renewable energy, thorough insulation enveloping of building for optimal energy usage, and energy storage features.

  • Sustainable Materials and Resources: Utilization of regionally sourced and sustainably harvested materials, recycled content, and responsibly extracted supplies.

The future of building is green design. At Rueter Associates Architects, we push the bounds of innovation to ensure our buildings meet all the standards for sustainability. Our commitment to our clients drives our pursuit of creative solutions to green design challenges. Rueter stands with our developers and clients to push towards a more sustainable future.

Ensure you have the right architect by your side when developing your LEED certified design. Contact Rueter Associates Architects today to discuss your design plans.

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