Is your space no longer providing the functionality you need to fully utilize your home or business? Are you tired of making do with poor floor plans and unusable space? Remodels rejuvenate your space by shifting your floor plan for optimal usage and function. At Rueter Associates Architects, we use our rich experience in architectural design to re-envision your space for maximum functionality and beauty. We ensure your project includes the design elements you need, stays within your budgetary constraints, and remains on track throughout the various phases of design and building.

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What Considerations Are Made in Remodeling Designs?

Our architects work closely with our clients to understand their priority of needs and wants for every project we undertake, and work tirelessly to deliver all the big and small wishes that make a space unique and special. Some points to consider include:

  • Defining the heart of your home or space: Often, the kitchen functions as the center of the home, but oftentimes, the existing floor plan doesn’t reflect that. It is often possible to restructure the layout to emphasize the heart of the house and create a flourishing space for gathering.

  • Building around programming: It’s important to ask what type of activities your space needs to accommodate. For example, a multipurpose room in a school functions quite differently than a dedicated gymnasium. Rueter Associates Architects work to create user-friendly spaces that meet the current and future needs of your facility.

  • Open concept: Does your space have the flow and natural light that you would like? If not, incorporating a degree of open concept space into your design may improve the function and aesthetic quality of your space.

  • Composition: Every space has a different feel, and the proper building materials must be incorporated into each design to reflect the character of your home or building. Rueter Associates puts emphasis on quality materials to ensure the longevity of your design.

  • And More: Each client comes with a specific wish list of custom design requirements. Our architects prioritize creating a space that works specifically for our clients, offering room for growth and living.

Remodels are demanding, and require expert architects with a thorough knowledge of every aspect of your build, from zoning and code requirements to the structural demands of your plan. Rueter Associates Architects is ready to work with you to create the perfect space for your future.

Explore the possibilities with Rueter Associates Architects. Contact us today to re-imagine your space through commercial or residential remodeling.

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