Architectural Design for Contractors

As a contractor, it is important to ensure that the projects being carried out on behalf of your clients are architecturally sound and optimized for function. At Rueter Associates Architects, we work with contractors and construction managers to ensure function, beauty, and structural integrity of design. Our experts aim to create the perfect complement of form and function in every design, working with clients to create solutions that meet their needs and budgets. Our architectural design for contractors gives the flexibility you need to deliver beauty and innovation to every client.

Delivering Innovative Architectural Design for Contractors

Our experienced architects bring a multitude of talent to the design table, ensuring that we are equipped to successfully deliver a design you will love. Some characteristics that set our firm apart:

  • In-depth knowledge of and relationships with the local community, including expert insight into zoning ordinances and building codes, and longstanding relationships with city planners, zoning commissions, and the Historic District Commission of Ann Arbor. We will ensure all elements of a project are up to code and won’t run into issues during or after the construction phase.

  • Vast experience in all types of architectural design and renovation, including an extensive portfolio of historic district renovations, remodels, and additions.

  • A start-to-finish partnership approach that takes the guesswork and worry out of your project. Our detailed construction documents ensure that, as a contractor, you have the elements in place to meet budget and successfully complete the build.

  • A demonstrated ability to deliver innovative solutions, within budget, for a host of design challenges.

  • And more.

Our Services

  • Residential Design: We are experienced in mixed use, condo, townhouse, multi-family units, and single family and accessory dwellings, covering the gamut of residential construction. We utilize our vast knowledge of Michigan codes and regulations to push the bounds of residential design.
  • Renovations: Our firm has completed a host of historic preservations and remodels throughout the area, in addition to many residential and commercial remodels. We can add onto, renovate, or reconfigure any space for optimal function and aesthetic value.
  • Light Commercial Building Design: Our commercial designs consider site demands, programming considerations, functionality, aesthetics, and sense of space. We seek to deliver specialized solutions catered to the unique needs of our clients. Our light commercial projects include new construction, mixed-use developments, expansion, and tenant improvements. Many of our designs are LEED certified, bearing the highest standards in sustainable design.

A Winning Partner for Contractors

Whatever project you are embarking on, it’s important for contractors to partner with a firm that is poised to listen and respond to needs with a winning design approach. Rueter Associates Architects boasts a demonstrable track record of successful design and innovative solutions for our clients, and we want to partner with you to deliver the same level of professionalism and innovation to your design.

As a contractor, you need an architectural partner you trust. Rueter Associates Architects have the experience, innovation, and community connection necessary to make your project a success. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us in your design.

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