Architectural Design Process

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When embarking on the architectural design process, you need more than just an architect. You need someone who will walk with you through the entire process, step by step, to ensure all requirements are met, all budgets considered, and all design demands are accommodated. Rueter Associates Architects partners with our clients to go above and beyond to ensure your project goes well, start to finish.

The Step by Step Architectural Design Process

A great deal goes into architectural planning, even before the first line is drawn. Rueter Architects helps you through the entire design process to ensure a successful build. Our services include:

  • Feasibility Study: We explore zoning requirements, codes, and all local ordinances to ensure the plan you envision works on your site, within your jurisdiction.

  • Site Plans: Site plans include important elements of design like setbacks, access, building locations, landscaping, and other integral design features. We work with civil engineers to ensure your site is up to specs and your design meets all your needs in regard to the site.

  • LEED: Our architects consider the necessary components of green design to determine plans that provide proper performance and compliance with local environmental codes. Working with LEED specialists, we expertly incorporate all the necessary design specifications to ensure certification.

  • Renderings: Renderings are created after the feasibility study and site plan are completed, and hone in on design features. We also ensure your design will be structurally sound and properly engineered. We work with our clients to get our renderings just right before completing our design.

  • Construction Documents: These documents include specifications, plans, elevations, cross section details, material selections, and a timeline for completion.

  • Design Revisions: As the project progresses, we revise designs as necessary to adjust to unforeseen issues, client desires, or other needed changes in the plans. If necessary, we execute change orders after contract signing to make adjustments to the plan.

  • And More: Throughout the architectural design process, we are prepared to jump in to address myriad challenges to our plans, and respond with expertise to deliver a workable solution that pushes the bounds of existing regulations that may hinder your vision.

At Rueter Associates Architects, we are more than just architects. We are partners in creating the design of your dreams. It’s time to explore the possibilities. Contact us today to discuss your architectural design process.

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