Frequently Asked Architectural Design Questions

Architectural Design comes with many challenges and questions. Rueter Associates Architects is here to guide you through the process start to finish, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Here are the answers to many frequently asked architectural design questions.

Why Do I Need an Architect?

While it’s possible to complete small renovations on your own, such as retiling a bathroom, whenever you overhaul a space, change structural elements, or embark on new design, it’s critical to have someone with expertise on your project. Without an expert architect working with you, you run the risk of serious structural issues and zoning and code violations that are not easily resolved, not to mention a project that lacks the design finesse that distinguishes professional work. Rueter Associates Architects are master designers, and thorough in approach, with commitment to ensuring every element of your design is up to code and providing maximum function and aesthetic quality. Our innovative designers:

  • Creatively approach obstacles to design.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the fundamental elements of building.
  • Work tirelessly to meet all regulations and codes, and push the boundaries of code interpretation to the benefit of our clients.
  • Develop unique, functional, and beautiful designs that sprinkle little delights throughout your design, in addition to checking all the major boxes on your wish list.
  • Approach design with a budget in mind, and work in partnership with clients to meet major goals without compromising budget.
  • And more.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approval for My Architectural Design Project?

Approval for a project takes, on average, six months, although this time can be less or more depending on the zoning requirements of your site. When a site meets all current codes and municipality requirements, and no special permissions and appeals are needed, a project proceeds quickly. When zoning appeals are required, it takes longer to get approval. Rueter Associates Architects maintains strong working relationships with city officials, and we work on behalf of our clients to partner with the municipality to ensure projects are on schedule. This often involves making informal inquiries before formal approval is submitted in an effort to avoid issues with approval. Rueter Architects go above and beyond to ensure your project progresses as quickly as possible and that all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of regulatory agencies.

Will You Handle All the Zoning and Building Code Regulations?

Obtaining permits, filing zoning appeals, and meeting other regulatory requirements is a time consuming process, and requires expert insight to understand the demands and possibilities of the existing codes. Rueter Associates Architects provides expert oversight in zoning and building code regulations, and we work to ensure everything involved in your design is fully approved, taking the worry away from the design process.

What if My Architectural Project is within a Historic District?

Historic Renovations require additional skill and experience to successfully complete. Rueter Associates Architects has extensive experience designing historical renovations, and we bring that experience to bear on every project. We expertly guide our clients through their historical renovation, working closely with the Historic District Commission to seamlessly integrate the old and new. We have completed over 100 projects on the Old West Side of Ann Arbor alone, including everything from porch renovations to full renovations and preservation. Many clients want to bring contemporary features into their historic homes, and we work to deliver these modern elements within the structures of historic buildings without compromising aesthetics or function.

Will I Be Able to Stick to My Budget?

Rueter Associates Architects always work closely with our clients to both adhere to budget and incorporate their wish lists into the design. We understand the necessity of sticking to a budget, and our joy is being able to deliver to our clients exactly what they need while adhering to budgetary constraints. We do recommend setting aside an additional 5% of your project cost towards unforeseen construction costs that occur during the course of the project.

Rueter Associates Architects is here to help answer all your design questions and guide you to the next step in your project. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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